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There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly

Welcome to CFO ventures

Over the years we have helped hundreds of companies to grow from scratch and become great businesses.

We build curated teams of the right specialists motivated to make a positive impact and working as one to create value for your business. Welcome to the first distributed CFO services in the world.


An experienced group of senior client partners guide teams to create breakthrough solutions


A curated global network of the best finance and strategic minds from around the world that works with you as an in-house member, not as consultant.

World class expertise in:

Strategic Planning


Financial Modeling and Valuation


Cash Flow Planning

M&A Transactions

Profitability Analysis

Reporting and data visualization

Generating more insight from less data

We help producing accurate and timely financial and management reports

Monthly and annual close

External reporting (to investors)

Management reporting and interactive dashboards

KPI’s and performance tracking

FP&A as a service

Allocate resources effectively, make informed decisions and track progress towards your goals

We help to evaluate strategic options and define financial plans to deliver the targets

Financial Modeling with scenario planning

Create and maintain the cash flow forecast

Pricing strategy and optimisation

Data analysis and insights

Debt and equity fundraising

Step on the gas

We help to build an optimum capital / debt structure to fuel your growth

Financial Plan to estimate cash needs

Company Valuation for fundraising

Get investment-ready for due diligence

M&A support

The sale of a business is the most important transaction an owner will ever complete

We help founders and entrepreneurs navigate the challenges of company sale process

Financial Plan and company Valuation

Teaser and Information Memorandum preparation

Analysis of current company status and identification of levers to increase company value

Fractional CFO services

We offer a unique combination of deep financial expertise and exclusive tools to help maximize value

From advisor to team member. Get access to the full expertise of a CFO that focuses on execution

Strategic Planning (to determine which strategies and business models create the most value)

Finance-organization design (optimisation of the finance function to drive productivity and effectiveness)

CEO and Board support

Digital transformation (Systems, Big data and advanced analytics)


Projects Delivered